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Vatrakoukos Beer Festival

The brief

Vatrakoukos beer festival is the first beer festival in the the city of Kozani. It was important to create a strong identity to engage young people and festival goers. A young, fresh and dynamic approach that can attract locals and people from other regions and cities of Greece. The task was to create a Greek-English combination for the identity and visuals. Simple greek words related to the festival needs accompanied by english translation. Vatrakoukos is a beer bar based in Kozani, Greece, the festival was created by the bar under the same name and collaborates with local and global suppliers, including restaurants, microbreweries, fast food specialists and artists.

The approach

The design approach is typographic with simple geometric illustrations and a fresh, vibrant color palette. The identity is loud, dynamic, enthusiastic, simplistic and direct. We produced all kinds of merchandise and collateral of the festival as well as the copywriting. The beer festival collaborated with “Burger Porn” a small burgeria that was branded according to the festival needs.

Vatrakoukos Beer Street Fest_Digital-12.png
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